The Best Basics.

7 Jun 2017
The Best Basics image

Trends may come and go, but these basics pieces got your back til’ the end of time. Versatile, reliable, and timeless, with these basics, you will always have something to wear. We cover the best basics that we believe any woman should own in their wardrobe!

1. The Classic White Shirt

Nothing is more classic than the white shirt. With endless options on how to wear it, these white shirts won’t let you down. Wear it with anything from jeans to a midi skirt, wear it anytime and anywhere from work to picnics.

2. Black Pants

A clean-cut black trouser with a flattering fit the master of multitasking. It goes well with any top in your wardrobe and has a slim effect to the legs. This the pants that you would want to wear everyday.

3. A Slip-On Dress

When you wake up feeling lazy and not in the mood to dress up, this is the dress you’d always go to. It’s comfortable to travel in and easy to layer up. Best of all, you can easily dress it up or down by simply changing your shoes from sandals to heels.

4. A Maxi Outerwear

Lightweight enough to be wear in the sunny weather but still warms you up under the cold air conditioner or rainy day, this is the outerwear you will bring anywhere you go. It’s stylish and super functional at the same time, what else do you need?

5. A Midi Skirt

For those days when pants just won’t do, the midi skirt is the next best option. It has the perfect length that is sophisticated enough for the office but flowy and fun for the weekends.

Now that you have these items, the days where you stand in front of your wardrobe thinking confusedly “What Should I Wear Today?” is so far gone!


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