5 Items That Will Keep Your Workwear Stylish.

5 Jul 2017
5 Items That Will Keep Your Workwear Stylish image

We’ve all been to the struggles of being confused in the morning picking the right outfit to work. Worry no more! We’ve picked up 5 pieces from our latest collections that ensures you will always make an impression in the office.

The Top

Step up your white shirt collection with the Panya White Top. It’s a contemporary structure is unique and modestly appropriate to wear in the office. This top is also suitable to wear with any kind of pants.

The Skirt

This skirt is timeless and remains a key trend from one season to the next. The straight cut shape gives a smart finish to the skirt while its light material makes it comfortable to wear.

The Pants


The unique overlay design of this pants adds an unexpected spin to your workwear wardrobe. Because of its ankle-length fit, you can also showcase your favorite heels while wearing this pants!

The Dress


Combining playful and preppy, the dress simplifies your morning. Simply slip into this dress and you are ready for business. From its classic collars to the long sleeves and button-down, this dress has the best compositions for a chic workwear.

The Outerwear


This chic outerwear is the epitome of power dressing made easy. When worn, the outer forms an elegant silhouette, making you feel empowered and special.

Now that you have all the essentials for a stylish workwear, you can wake up with ease in the mornings.

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