3 Places To Stay in Bali.

23 Aug 2017
3 Places To Stay in Bali image

When a person says Bali, one would instantly think of paradise. Rich in culture, heavily surrounded by cafes, and lustrous beaches; it’s no surprise that the lush island of Bali has been deemed as everyone’s favorite vacation spot.


There are generally two types of people who come to Bali. Firstly, the adventurous who came to explore the depth of the sea. The other, those who came to chill and relax.


If you’re the latter, picking the right accommodation is thus a very important task. Especially now with a range of resorts in Bali offering exclusive beaches and cafes as part of the stay. With the increase choices in places to stay, many people even came to Bali to simply hotel-hop. Testing from one villa/resort to another to determine which ones the best.


Here are 3 of our favorite places to stay in Bali. If you’re planning to stay here, we recommend booking in advance as it is on high demand.

1. AlilaSeminyak

(Outdoor area in AlilaSeminyak)

When finding a place to stay, location is key and AlilaSeminyak wins at that. Strategically located at one of Bali’s favorite hotspots, Alila offers a range of well-loved facilities from comfortable beach beds with stunning view of the ocean to restaurants/bars complemented by live music. The hotel itself is located along a private beach, which guests are given access to. And if you’re not in the mood for the beach, the hotel offers a large pool for you to dip in.

Other than location, people love Alila for its aesthetic atmosphere. The tall all-white architecture let the green palm tree and clear blue sky stands out. 

(Pathway to the beach at AlilaSeminyak)

(A traditional Bali temple in the middle of all white architecture / Location: AlilaSeminyak)

(Pathway to the rooms at AlilaSeminyak)

If possible, try getting a room with the balcony here. The balcony directly leads you to a marvelous view of the pool. Imagine waking up in the morning every day with a view like this.  

(View from the balcony at AlilaSeminyak)

2. Katamama

(Entrance to Katamama)


Just across AlilaSeminyak, a trendy new resort that has been all over the Instagram feed lately is Katamama. Compare to the pristine white walls of Alila, Katamama is more rustic in terms of architecture with its all-around dark rotten wood design. Combining rustic wood with vibrant flowers and greenery, this resort is a favorite for its homey and cozy atmosphere.


I would say Katamama has more of the authentic Bali atmosphere compare to the previous. It’s modern and grand but felt humble at the same time. I am absolutely in love of the architecture of this place. They have lots of components contributing to the design but it felt spacious and they make sure natural light becomes the center of the whole room.

{Stunning architecture in KATAMAMA)

(Mini bar in KATAMAMA)

(Mini poolside outside of rooms in KATAMAMA)

A majority of the rooms here have a balcony, which is great as it means you can enjoy the view without having to leave the room. What I love about the balcony in Katamama is that they provide day beds in addition to a mini dining table. The balcony also leads to an astonishing scenery of the resort.

(Day bed at the balcony at KATAMAMA)

(View from the Balcony at KATAMAMA)

(Bed directly opposing the balcony at KATAMAMA)

Just a stone throw away from KATAMAMA is the famous Potato Head. A trendy beach lounge with a pool and a beach, that is also a great location to catch a sunset. 


(Potato Head Bali)

3. The St. Regis

(St.Regis Bali)

Unlike the previous two that are located in Seminyak. The St Regis is located at another popular Bali spot, Nusa Dua. Nusa Dua is a quieter area compare to Seminyak that situates a lot of night bars.


The St. Regis is more traditional compare to the other two; when you walked in, you are greeted with traditional Balinese music and all the staffs wear customary Indonesian outfits. The place is elegant and tranquil, decorated with Balinese arts, flowers, and statues.

(Traditional Balinese Flowers at St Regis)

(Outdoor area at St Regis)

What makes this resort special is distinctively the room itself and the hospitality of the service. The room is luxurious, designed and decorated to make you feel as peace and happy as possible. 

(Luxurious hotel room in St Regis)

As the hotel is located right at the beachfront of Nusa Dua, St Regis also offers a lounge next to a private beach. The beach is serene and quiet, all you need for a peaceful day out.

{Private beach in St. Regis)

Bali is definitely a place you can’t get enough of and will surely want to come back. If you’re planning a trip to Bali try to visit one of these recommended places to stay.