Spring in London.

23 Aug 2017
Spring in London image

With its captivating architecture, crisp air, and thrilling crowdedness, there’s no city like London. 

London is a great city to visit, perhaps one of my favorites. I adore cities that is modern while still preserving its heritage, and London is one of them!

Spring is the perfect time to visit the city as the weather is perfect. You got to taste the cold British air but there’s also a lot of sun light that keeps you warm. It is also the perfect weather to showcase your stylish looks, because you got to rock your winter coats without having to layer too much.

(Ms Agnes Yunita in Kardina Navy Outer and Becky White Dress / Location: Barbican Street)

There is no doubt that there are lots to do and see in London. Even if you have visited the city, a sight of Big Ben or the Buckingham Palace will for sure leaves you in awe.

(A view of Big Ben from across the river)

(Buckingham Palace up close)

(Ms Agnes Yunita in Log Crème Top / Location: Buckingham Alley)

(The London Eye)

My number one favorite place to visit which I highly recommend is the Covent Garden. The Covent Garden is an area filled with lots of variety of shops from restaurants to clothes, gifts, and even designer stuff. However, what makes it special to me is that there are always entertainers performing and markets around the area. You can spend up to 4 hours there and you will not get bored.


It is best to visit the Covent Garden during Summer or Spring as you can enjoy eating your lunch and maybe an ice cream outside to enjoy the view and atmosphere.

(Inside the Covent Garden)

If you’re looking for a magnificent landscape of the city, go across the river to the canary wharf then you will catch a great outlook of the Tower Bridge. Don’t get confused as the Tower Bridge is often mistaken as the London Bridge!


It’s best to visit early in the morning to get a picture perfect moment, as sooner it gets to noon, the more crowded it gets with all the pedestrians and tourists. 

(The Tower Bridge)

(Ms Agnes Yunita in Zan White Top / Location: The Tower Bridge)

London is also a great city to soak up all the knowledge. There are lots of amazing museums or historic cathedrals to visit to learn more about the British culture, whether the traditional or the contemporary.

If you love contemporary art, the Tate Modern is one place you should visit. A lot of people visited the place not for what’s inside the museum but for the stunning architecture. 

(Tate Modern Walk)

(Natural History Museum)

This sticky note messages at London Attack Ground Zero really caught my eye. Especially with all the terror happening around the world right now, it’s nice to see that there are still  lot of of nice people from around the world wanting the same thing and that is world peace/ one love.

London is a definite must visit if you’re planning to visit around Europe. Hopefully this blogpost helps you in planning your itinerary.



All pictures in this post are taken by Raynata.