Being Present in Sydney.

28 Dec 2017
Being Present in Sydney image

In between my packed-schedule in Australia, I decided to squeeze in some time to visit the harbor city, and I’m glad that I did.


Nowadays, it’s very easy to get caught up in the “being busy” rabbit-hole but this trip to Sydney made me realize how important it is to be present and enjoy the moment.

The bustling city of Sydney is unique in a way the busy city-scape is complemented by the peaceful river-side. 

The best thing about wandering aimlessly around in Sydney is you will be greeted by art around every corner.

Visit the Queen Victoria Building for a marketplace with stunning architecture. The building is elegant in design accompanied by the natural light shining from the extensive glass windows on top. You can spend hours here just gazing around all the many stuffs that is going on.

A centerpiece to the city, the Sydney Town Hall building is beautiful inside and out. The Victorian design of the building is an homage to the earlier era. A rainbow flag is displayed proudly just under the building’s iconic clock, showing Sydney’s support in the LGBT community.

Last but not least, you can’t go to Sydney without seeing the opera house. Sitting peacefully across the harbor, this acclaimed building is iconic to Australia as a whole.

My trip to Sydney was short but certainly a memorable one. Being present made the brief time I have there more worthwhile. I got to enjoy everything at my own pace without the feeling of being rushed. I certainly would come back to explore with more depth this charming city.


[Pictures by Raynata | Written by Rana Marsyafira]